The downtown core of Kindersley will be very busy beginning tomorrow with the return of Goose Festival in town.

Most of the events are centered around Main Street Kindersley, but one special gathering people might be interested in is being put on by the K-Town Sky Scrapers club at the local RC field. Brian Kirkness is a steward with the club, and discussed what is going on Saturday.

"We are doing our 'fun fly'. Now that is where our local guys will be flying airplanes, and that will be right after the parade taking place from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm."

There will be lots of opportunity to check out the hobby up close, one that is continuing to grow with the younger crowd according to Kirkness.

"A lot of these kids are building airplanes (out of foam board), and it's really super cool."

The young interest is the most important part to Kirkness. Anyone who knows the Kindersley local, is aware that Kirkness and his eager volunteerism comes from the heart.

"There are kids back involved, and man that is so important. That is what this club was built around."

Kirkness is excited to see the current trajectory of the flying club, but is afraid that without some more financial support, the group might ultimately fail.

"We're broke. We are so poor we can't even pay attention," quipped Kirkness.

The club has gotten by over the years, with the nice facility they have located south of town not exactly being the cheapest one to maintain. To help with the lack of funds they are putting on a taco in a bag fundraiser out at the field for people to enjoy while they see what the local RC pilots are all about.

Trying to get the club back to its prime, Kirkness said this will be their major fundraiser for the year. The event also presents a chance for people to see just how much fun the group has.

"They're fast, quick, and agile, and they cost maybe $15 for the foamboard? Then maybe another $40 or more for the motor, you can have a plane to fly for $75, and all you need to do is keep building frames because these things have what's called a swappable pod," explained Kirkness, "There will be a few there that the kids have built, and I am telling you they are fantastic. There is one kid out there who is a really good pilot already."

And with the possibility of seeing a crash, also a chance to see how things don't always go smoothly.

"There will be for sure a couple of them crying, taking the walk of shame," laughed Kirkness.

The only way to tell if there are some crash landings or not is to come on out to the RC Field on Saturday, and see for yourself what Kirkness is so excited about.

"Like I said, we are getting back to where the club is fun. It's been kind of dead for the last three years. We got more kids involved, and it grows from there because kids bring kids, and it would be really cool to get it back to where it was in the beginning."

The K-Town Sky Scrapers have a Facebook page you can follow, as the Goose Festival fun at the field is set for 10:00 am until 4:00 pm on Saturday.