The term "three strikes, you're out" is going to be applicable to more than just the game of baseball this summer for people involved with minor ball in Kindersley.

Kindersley Minor Ball (KMB) is issuing a zero tolerance policy of umpire abuse for the first time. The new policy will apply to players, coaches, managers, and parents who participate or are in attendance during minor ball games. As stated in the policy, there will be no tolerance for "arguing judgment calls, umpire abuse or call related displays of poor sportsmanship".

Furthermore, KMB reiterates how it is acceptable to question the interpretation of a rule, but only in a courteous, non-confrontational manner. "The purpose of the policy is to get rid of the notion that arguing with an umpire is an acceptable thing in baseball," said Chad Miller, President of KMB. "This is more geared towards the younger umpires that are starting out."

Offenders will be given a warning by the organization for every time they do not follow the policy. A total of three warnings will be given to offenders and they are as follows:

1. A written warning will be given to the person by the Kindersley Minor Ball Disciplinary Committee.

2. Three game suspension to any home games will be handed to the offending person, regardless of past history, coaching experience or program involvement. The suspension will be added to any other suspension due to an ejection from a game.

3. Season-ending ban including attendance at all remaining games on all KMB sports fields.

Not only is the policy in place to make the game fair for everyone involved, but to help encourage young umpires to continue and not feel discouraged during the season. "They get a little bit of flack from a parent or spectator or coach, and sometimes they don't want to umpire anymore," explained Miller. "We're trying to make sure they are treated fairly out there".

Listen below to Chad Miller explain why the role of an umpire is unique and how the policy will be essential to allow respect amongst everyone involved during the season.


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