The provinces top young skaters will be coming to Kindersley at the start of March. It's the community's turn to host the "Winter Classic", and the Kindersley Skating Club is already getting plans settled for the event running between March 1-3.

WestCentralOnline reached out to skating club coach Amber Wildman, who is a main organizer for the Winter Classic. 

"We are having a three-day competition called the Winter Classic. It happens every year in Saskatchewan, moves from different communities." shared the coach. "We have about 300 skaters coming." added Wildman, as a wide-range of talent will be on display at the West Central Events Centre.

Wildman says it's a competition skaters around the province circle on their calendar.

"Lots of skaters put it on their radar every year, regardless of where it is hosted. Last year we drove to Weyburn for our skaters."

Hosting the Winter Classic is certainly a massive undertaking. In search of volunteers for the event, Wildman shared what they are looking for.

"We are going to need volunteers to help with setup, help with raffles, registration. Help skaters get to and from the ice when they are needed. Anything like that."

With the magnitude of event coming to town, Wildman is eager to get things underway in just over a week's time.

"It is a huge event. It's so nice to have it in our community, have all these skaters come. I hope to see lots of our younger, up-and-coming skaters coming to watch, as well as the community, because there is going to be some awesome skating to see."

Wildman couldn't recall exactly the last time Kindersley hosted, but did share that the community is on the short-list of potential hosts thanks to having two regulation ice-surfaces.

The upcoming Winter Classic won't be the clubs final event. A few weeks later on March 24 will be the annual Kindersley Skating Club Carnival, then the club will be "looking forward to a busy second half of the season" as shared in their events calendar on social media.

Anyone seeking more information on the upcoming Winter Classic, or interested in volunteering during the weekend can email for more information.