The first shot of winter usually causes for havoc on local highways.

Thankfully, Kindersley RCMP Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson says it's been a quieter start than usual.

"Certainly with that snowfall we had there was a few fender-benders and some minor accidents with the road conditions changing," said Peterson as drivers adjust once again to the wintery conditions. "Fortunately nothing very serious, which we were happy to have that."

Everybody will adjust at a different speed. For now, always taking that extra second to slow down is key. Anyone looking for an extra advantage should consider snow-tires.

Taking those tips should put drivers in a good spot to succeed. Peterson gave a few more tips on winter driving including clearing your vehicle of any ice or snow, being gentle when you accelerate, break, or steer, and also checking the weather forecast before hitting the road.

Another tip from Peterson might be an oversight for many. Cruise control can be dangerous in the winter months. 

"If you skid, your vehicle will accelerate and rapidly spin it's wheels and try to maintain a constant speed." shared Peterson. "You might want to re-consider using cruise control on rough or icy roads."

While an emergency scenario in the cold likely won't present itself until later this winter, Peterson wants people to be proactive in getting a winter kit ready for when the first cold-snap strikes.

"Consider stocking your vehicle with extra warm clothes, candles, because we do have a couple good blizzards that show up during the winter. Get some clothes, candles, matches, snacks, a snow shovel, a traction mat, booster cables, and a tow rope or a chain are all good ideas to have in your vehicles." said Peterson. He also gave the reminder to not leave your vehicle for any reason, keep it running it to remain warm, but make sure to do it periodically to conserve fuel.

Winter weather can seemingly strike at any second, and Peterson and other RCMP are just doing their best to have people prepared. 

"Those are kind of the big tips we have each and every year. Especially this year going into a snowy season, these are all advisable tips to fall."

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