Baseball season is on the horizon, as minor ball associations all around west-central Saskatchewan are getting prepared for the season ahead. Kindersley Minor Ball is one of those groups, and they have a very specific problem entering the year: umpires.

It's a problem the minor ball association, and senior baseball teams around Kindersley have been aware of these past few years. WestCentralOnline chatted with Kindersley Minor Ball vice-president, senior ball player, and umpire Curtis Graham about the situation at hand.

"Umpiring has slipped over the last at least five years, it's been steadily decreasing, losing one or two per-year." said Graham, as at least four experienced umpires won't be available this season. "Losing four of our senior umpires, so we are definitely looking to re-fill things.

Graham says the minor ball association is willing to help with costs. They would prefer to avoid the volunteer route.

"If we don't start getting a little more participation, we might need volunteers here soon. We would rather pay people to be serious about it, then ask people to volunteer." said Graham.

Anyone who is interested in umpiring will have a chance later this month to get certified. Graham shared the dates for both a baseball, and softball umpire clinic coming to Kindersley in April.

"The clinic for baseball is April 20, the softball clinic is April 21. They are both held in town," detailed Graham. "You can visit the minor baseball Facebook page for the link, or you can reach out to me, or the minor baseball organization in any way. We will push you in the right direction."

Not only would signing up to umpire help the community, but it's also a great way to earn some spring income. Find the sign-up information through their social media HERE.