Thanks to the locally based mental health group Life is Worth Living, a set of special "Mental Health Kids Camps" are coming in the new year.

"Registration is now open for our Mental Health Kids Camps in Kindersley during the February break. The camp will run from February 20 - 22 with the mornings dedicated to ages 4-8 and the afternoons dedicated to ages 9-13."

That was the message shared by the Life is Worth Living Facebook page back on December 21. Limited spots are available for both courses, the age 9+ youth presentation titled 'Unpacking Brianne's Backpack', the other one for kids ages 4-8 titled 'A Butterfly's Transformation'. 

"Please note that these camps are focused on mental health promotion. We will not be discussing suicide. We will be discussing ways to look after and better our mental health."

The Life is Worth Living presentations will be held inside the "Get Jacqued" building in Kindersley, and organizers Jaclyn and Callie Kennedy gave a special shoutout to the owner for dedicating the space towards a good cause.

"This camp is possible thanks to Jacquie Tuffs who has generously donated her space. Thank you Jacquie for your kindness!" shared the sisters on Facebook.

Everyone involved is looking to spread the word and fill each spot the camp has to offer. WestCentralOnline has reached out to Life is Worth Living for more information.

Find expanded details on the upcoming courses here.

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