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Although the numbers of influenza have been decreasing over the last month in the nation, the case numbers of the overall year have increased since 2014.

According to the Public Health Associaton of Canada, the numbers of hospitalizations for patients over 20 have increased from approximately 5500 cases to over 7200.

The number of mortalities have also increased this year.

Over 600 deaths have been attributed to the influenza malady; the majority of deaths were people of an elderly constitution, or who had compromised immune systems.

In 2014, there was only an average of 300 deaths attributed to the influenza virus.

Warmer seasonal temperatures may be one of the reasons behind the increased influenza numbers.

Warmer temperatures during the winter months with sporadic increases and drops in temperature is beneficial for growth of germs, viruses and bacteria.

The el nino months of October to December are most likely partly to blame for the increased numbers.