More heavy loads will be moving on Saskatchewan highways throughout the spring and summer months. Motorists in the west-central region were given the heads-up through social media last week, that another massive load will be transported through the area sometime in the next few months. 

The reminder was provided as quite the load moved through Outlook using the bridge on Highway #15. The late-March job saw a C02 stripper being moved west, as the entire load weighed approximately 350,000 kg, and was 95 metres long.

Highway Hotline c02 stripper.jpg This highly noticeable load travelled through Outlook at the end of March, using the bridge (Photo via Saskatchewan Highway Hotline)

"Each year, large pieces of equipment are transported on our provincial highways." shared the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline on Facebook. "Treat large equipment like you would any slow-moving traffic and remember to be patient."

Check the Highway Hotline for more than just road reports. Loads like the one above are always posted to make anyone planning a drive choose the best route.