The Town of Outlook and Outlook & District Heritage Museum's Prairie Festival was a huge success. Museum board member Kevin Trew explains. 

"It was a great success. We started out the weekend with the grand reopening of Bounty Hall, which saw a huge amount of people attending." 

Some acts took to the stage on Friday, including Lisa Moen and the Myrol Brothers, which was a free concert. Trew said there were nearly 300 people alone watching the live action on Friday and he thanked all who attended, and the sponsors who made the show possible. 

Shifting gears to Saturday, there was a show and shine on Main Street.

Outlook show and shine 1

The evening culminated with the band Bad Influence taking the stage at Bounty Hall. Something that wasn't in the original plans, according to Trew. 

bad influence Bad Influence took the stage at Bounty Hall Saturday night. 

"Because of the weather they (the band Bad Influence) actually performed right in Bounty Hall. It was fantastic to have that indoor venue available to use if we needed it. So, that was great for us to pivot and for the rodeo committee to do as well." 

Getting the Bounty Hall reopened was the focus of the weekend, and Trew said he was proud they will be able to utilize it in the future. 

“We've put a lot of resources into reopening the Bounty Hall and I think I can speak for all of Council when we say that we're proud that the Hall is reopened, and we anticipate that it's going to be a great asset to the community going forward.” 

With all the action taking place in the Town of Outlook Trew thanked all the volunteers and sponsors for making the 2nd annual Prairie Festival a success.  

“I just wanted to mention that these kinds of events are just not made possible without the volunteers and the volunteer groups that are around, as well as the corporate sponsors that stepped forward. One of our visions from the Town of Outlook is to host and have several events in the community. The town's perspective is that we want to foster those and provide an environment where community groups can have these kinds of events and whether they use town property or whatnot. So, this is a huge success for us.” 

Trew added he is looking forward to the 3rd annual Prairie Festival already, which is slated for the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June, depending on how the calendar lines up.