Reports of fuel theft received by Mounties in the province rose by around 70 per cent in 2022 compared to the previous year, according to the Saskatchewan RCMP.

They said they received about 818 reports of stolen gas or diesel in 2022.

The reports include:

  • 510 reports of someone fuelling up a vehicle at a service station, then leaving without paying. (Note: this excludes reports where investigation determined the person left without paying due to misunderstanding or oversight.)
  • 117 reports of theft from large fuel tanks or heavy machinery, either by siphoning or drilling the tank.
  • 106 reports of theft from bulk fuel tanks at businesses, farms, or rural municipalities.
  • The remainder reports include thefts of jerry cans and similar containers.

Police said the reports came in from across the province. The detachments with the highest number of reports were: Battlefords (61), Saskatoon (58), Shellbrook (46), and Swift Current (39).

They said reports continue to funnel in this year, citing two incidents of gas tank drilling reported to Punnichy RCMP on February 27.

Saskatchewan RCMP offered the following tips to help you avoid falling victim:

  • Lock privately-owned fuel tanks and ensure the area they are located is well lit.
  • Set up video or photo surveillance in areas where you have a privately-owned fuel tank.
  • If possible, park vehicles in a locked garage or outbuilding or park in a well-lit, frequently-travelled location.
  • Park with your fuel door facing a frequently-travelled road.
  • If possible, don't park in one area, or leave a vehicle unattended to, for an extended period of time.
  • If your vehicle has an alarm, activate it when you leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Report suspicious activity to police: even if it does not involve your own vehicle, if you see suspicious activity occurring, report it.