Flatlanders Speedway are back for their August races this weekend.

Flatlanders Speedway President Jason Hankewich talked with us back at the end of July to confirm some changes for the upcoming race day. They moved away from the Friday/Saturday format to remain with the typical Saturday/Sunday setup.

During that conversation Hankewich also shared a bit more about his driving schedule for the year. The local driver has found himself in some pretty good competition over the years, and does his best to fill up his racing calendar each and every year.

Hankewich shared his typical amount of race days in a year, give or take a few such as the race he took last minute in Penticton earlier this year.

"26 race days roughly this year. Might add a few more here and there, might take away a few."

He drove the blue #49 you can see in the title photo above. Those fun machines are what make up the Legends series, and Hankewich shares how he got into the cars, that he literally doesn't look like he can get into.

"I drove back in 2012 I believe it was, a little bit under Jody Stewart's cars. Drove there for part of a season, and then I really hadn't touched the cars since." shared Hankewich who changed that last year. "I started getting into it a bit on dirt. Absolutely loved it. They are a blast to drive, that is the most fun thing I have ever drove."

Hankewich has the experience to compare.

"Anything from sprints, NASCAR, modifieds; I have been all over the place, but that is the most fun thing to drive. It's responsive, it's fast, it's a great time."

Hankewich's most recent weekend in the car saw him a take a trophy home from Rimbey. (Watch the full race below)

Hankewich is also one of a few local drivers that compete in the Prairie Dirt Racing Association, which is slated to make a stop in Kindersley over Goose Festival weekend.

"The PDRA series, which is the one that goes across Saskatchewan into Manitoba, we race street stocks, hobbies and mods now. That is Kindersley, Swift Current, and Outlook," shared Hankewich as local tracks. Tisdale, Yorkton, and Swan River are the other stops. "Two-days at each of those, so that alone is twelve race days."

It's been exciting for Hankewich to have a more local circuit to compete in. That rings even more true when it comes to his role in organizing the September PDRA event in Kindersley. Things are looking strong for the races coming up September 23 and 24.

"Great car count. We actually turned away the sprint car series this year because we have the Legends Touring Series and the PDRA coming during the weekend so we are going to end up having a lot of cars."

Hankewich has high hopes for both series slated to make an appearance in Kindersley. The upcoming PDRA and Legend's appearances can't come soon enough, and perhaps they will become more of a staple for the track over the year's to come.

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