This month, SGI is running an anti-speeding campaign surrounding people's love for their vehicles.

 For a lot of people, their vehicle is a cherished item and is something they strive to take great care of. 

That's why, for the month of February, SGI is asking people to drive a little slower, a little more carefully, and to act a little more loving to their vehicles.

Tyler McMurchy, a spokesperson for SGI, is encouraging folks to embrace this Valentine's inspired push for safety.

"We're a bunch of hopeless romantics here at SGI," said McMurchy. "With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we wanted to talk a little bit about love. Specifically, the love between a driver and their vehicle."

By slowing down on bends and turns, it reduces the stress on a vehicle, saving wear and tear. Gentler driving and demanding a little less out of the engine can help it last longer, prolonging the driver-vehicle relationship that so many depend on to get around.

"We all have a special connection to our vehicles," stated McMurchy. "They keep us safe, they take us where we want to go, they give us a private spot to collect our thoughts and our vehicles are very special to us."

Of course, being kinder to a car or truck is not without benefits. By slowing down and taking it easy, you can reduce or even eliminate the chance of a ticket or collision, saving the expense.

"Which will leave you with more disposable income that you can lavish upon your vehicle in the forms of a deluxe car wash or auto detailing," offered McMurchy. " Maybe even taking it to the car spa. There's a number of ways that slowing down is very much an act of love for your vehicle."

Speeding is and always will be a dangerous offence with serious consequences. Depending on how fast a speeder gets caught going, they can face fines over $200. There are also demerits, possible vehicle impoundment, and other charges depending on sobriety and other factors involved in the stop. 

This month, remember to love not only your car but yourself as well. Slow down, take it easy, and stay safe on Saskatchewan's many roads and highways.