Kindersley residents may have noticed a fence around the post office in town last week, and now fast forward to Monday morning a whole lot of digging has been done to the front of the historic Canada Post office in Kindersley.

The now retired granite stairs were dug well into the basement as you can see in the cover photo above, being removed to pave way for a new wheelchair access. Once the work is complete, the front of the building will feature both steps and the newly installed access, while the existing wheelchair ramp is removed from the back of the building leaving only the stairs remaining.

Unfortunately once the initial work was complete, the project did run into a bit of a snag.  A tree that has adorned the building for years had to be removed for safety reasons. Upon cutting up the tree it was discovered there was a large amount of rot within the heart of it.

David Bitz.jpg David Bitz has taken down his fair share of trees and said that the one in front of the post office was only bound to fall

David Bitz took up the job of taking down the timber before crews returned to the construction scene. The handyman is used to taking down big trees, and he was happy to help with the downtown corridor possibly being at risk of fallen tree.

post office trees.jpg

You can see the beginnings of the tree in the photo below shared by one of the post office employees, estimated to have been taken in the 1930s.

Post Office 1930s.jpg A quick look at the parked vehicles gives a good idea of the time period this photo was taken

The location has been a designated municipal heritage site since January 8, 1988. Another classic photo shared Kindersley's post office first opened by at least 1912.

With construction work picking back up this week the mail run detour shouldn't last for long.