Women are the organizers. They take kids to practice, and pick up some groceries on the way back. And they probably made that shopping list while packing lunches, sending a text, and sorting through Christmas travel plans. Around 25 or 30 of these matriarch type ladies stopped for a self care session last Friday night. Instead of a work shop it was called a 'worth shop' and it was led by Shelley Christian.

Christian is a registered suicide prevention trainer, a musician and an author. She speaks at women's conferences and this session was about an hour and a half, with a short intermission. Marge Bailey with organizing committee Better Together said that she "had a really good testimony concerning struggles with self worth. In her upbringing, she overcame abuse and recognizes the harm that it can cause. She said that all of us are designed to be cherished, to have dignity and purpose".

There were women of different ages and a lot of different backgrounds that attended. Throughout the night they did exercises that would help you with a mission statement. Then you would evaluate that statement. Re-evaluate it. Talk it over. Write it down. Then challenge it with the truth. Marge helped summarize it for us, "basically it was saying that what happens to you does not have to define you. I think that everyone left there knowing that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 

Empowering women appears to be also another way to reconsider your choices. It suggested setting up boundaries in your life, and then talking about it with whoever needs to hear it. If a woman ends up in a bad situation, a program like this will give her options.

What's next for the new fledgling group? 

  • BETTER TOGETHER weekend at the West Central Events Centre
  • Saturday Jan 14th 7:30pm Klippers vs Flin Flon Bombers. Please wear your Better Together T-shirts.
  • Sunday Jan 15th 2pm at Kindersley Composite School. THRIVE mental health workshop presented by Better Together & Iron horse Jr. Klippers