The town of Elrose will be working hard this year to fix much needed infrastructure. Mayor Dane MacDonald gave a short look into the future for what was to come, 

“The first major project we're going to have starting in 2024 is going to be a paving project we've been saving for a number of years now with reserve funds, and this year we're going to be drawing from some of our surplus reserve as well in order to pave the entirety of Main Street, We'll be doing 4th Ave. 

And as well, we're going to be doing 2nd and 3rd Ave. E from Main Street to Hwy. #4.” 

There is no definitive date for the project due to scheduling and weather permitting, but McDonald anticipates starting in July. 

This won’t be the only focus of the paving, there are also plans to address the drainage problem as well. The Town wants to work with residents to ensure a nice driveway entrance as well as ensure water is drained away from the street and goes where it needs to be. 

Something that is planned for sure will be the 2025 Home Coming as well as a new addition to the town history book. 

“Something I'd like to highlight is that in the year 2025 in July, we're having a homecoming and Elrose with the new edition of our history book, is coming out.  

So, if anybody lives or has lived in Elrose and area, we would love to have your history book submissions to be included.” 


The Town of Elrose Public Works Plan for the year of 2024 can be found here 

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