Concerts and live events have returned to full swing and that includes a local West Central country band. Mitch Larock and the 4:54 have enjoyed being back on the stage performing in front of live crowds.  

Larock, who leads the Eatonia based group explained what the first few weeks of June have been like and whats in store for the near future.  

“We had our first show back, it was the Kindersley Rodeo and that was a really, really good turnout for that committee. We’ve done some acoustic shows, a wedding, and we have a big weekend coming up on the 24th and 25th with the Wainwright Pro Rodeo Friday night and then a cabaret up at St. Walburg. June has been awesome, it's nice to be back.” 

The crowd reception has been well received by the group and it’s easy to see when up on stage, added Larock. 

“You can tell we just got out of a pandemic because people are ready to go and they're not wasting any moments or any time out there. They’re having a good time.” 

After they finish up with shows in the next few weeks, Larock noted the next month will be a little easier going. 

“This year I kind of filled up June and then our last date before we take a break is going to be a show in Eatonia for their centennial, and that’ll be July 2nd. We’re the opening band for Steve McQueen, they’re coming out of Calgary so that’s going to be kind of our wrap up to our June tour, I guess. I wanted to keep it light in July and let the guys have some rest and hang out with their families.” 

Aside from performing with the 4:54 Band, Larock enjoys spending time on the baseball diamond, but doesn’t take things too seriously. 

“If it was a beer drinking competition, I'm pretty sure the Wheat Kings are going to win that one. We have a lot of players, and everyone is just really happy to be playing senior ball.”  

After the scheduled shows and ball season wrap up, Larock said he doesn’t know what they’ll get up to, but is just living in the moment and everyone is thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.