It was announced yesterday through an official release from the Delisle Chiefs organization, that they will be hosting the 2022 Prairie Junior Hockey League All-Star Game. The special showcase will go on Saturday, January 8th from the Delisle Centennial Arena.

The PJHL all-star rosters will consist of the best players from the Bob Dybvig North Division and Bill Johnson South Division, and according to the release, more details on the events of the day are forthcoming as the event will feature more than just the game itself.

Delisle Chiefs President Wes Noon will be a main contributor as the team looks to assure the leagues best players have a great time.

““We couldn’t be more excited to be the organization hosting this event. To be able to host this game and event will showcase not only our league, but our players to the residents of Delisle as well as reaching people that don’t typically see how great our league is or the high quality of players and that we have.”

Some similar sentiment was provided by Head Coach and GM Eric Ditto, though he was more focused on the chance they have to show-off some of the players specific talents.

“An event like this is another step to show the caliber of our top players. We think it’s another small step in recruiting more players, scouts, and fans to our league in the future.”

Both front-office members will be instrumental in planning a great time, and part of their process will see them trying to show players what behind the scenes work gets done to help make Delisle the great place it is to play Junior B.

“We feel that the Chiefs are more than just about the hockey. We take a lot of pride in the effort our players, staff and volunteers put into this organization on a daily basis and we look forward to putting on an overall event that everyone will enjoy,” stated Ditto, “We hope the community of Delisle and the teams in the league will remember this event for years to come.”

Going back to Noon, it’s more than just being an event host. He says their overall goal since the initial talk of hosting the game was to put on an amazing show that the players will remember for years to come.

(Logo via Delisle Chiefs Jr Hockey Club)