This year's Cozy up and Care campaign was another smashing success. We talked to Barbe Dunn, who picked up the warm winter clothes during the campaign, and she was overwhelmed with the support the campaign received. 

"Lots and lots came through this year, we were really amazed about the amount of stuff that came through, it was awesome. Lots of times the stuff that we get is literally brand new, the tags are still on. So, people are getting absolutely gorgeous stuff. Because it really is a situation where it is the whole community, it's not just a few people. Obviously, many people were involved because it was so generous this year."

Dunn then discussed the need for these clothes to those who cannot afford them.

"We have a number of families just living on barely get along. So, everything that we receive from the Cozy Up & Care program is a huge boost to them. Because their finances can go into what they really need, like food, rent or gas money."

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