A rally in support of the truck convoy protests in Ottawa was held at the Legislative Building in Regina Saturday.

Thousands of people from across the province came out for the rally, which was one of many held in cities across the country in support of the Ottawa protest.

The rally in Regina was preceded by a convoy of vehicles, originating at the Global Transportation Hub, and then moving through Regina up to the Legislature. Hundreds of vehicles brought much of the southern part of Albert Street in Regina to a standstill.

The rallies, both in Regina and Ottawa, were lent support from Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. He took to social media to decry the cross-border vaccine mandate in place by the federal government. He also reiterated a statement he had made earlier in the week, that the proof of vaccination system in place in Saskatchewan will be removed in the not-too-distant future.

While the rally wrapped up in the late afternoon in Regina, the protests continued well into the night in Ottawa, with some of those in attendance honking horns well into the early morning hours. It is expected to continue again Sunday, with many stating they plan to remain in downtown Ottawa until all COVID-19 mandates are lifted across the country.