The Kindersley Fire Department was dispatched to a field fire and combine fire on Sunday afternoon north of Highway 7 by the community of Smiley.

The potential of a combine fire is always a concern during harvest.

Rob Gobeil, with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, talked about some common causes back in August of 2020.

"It can be attributed to often a collection of chaff or debris in moving parts. Also, a lack of maintenance on the equipment is a common cause or an electrical issue."

Gobeil says combines should be equipped with a fire extinguisher, but had this warning.

"The thing with fire extinguishers, is often people think they're enough to put out a huge fire and they're not. They're basically just something to put out a small fire and get away and ensure a safe escape from the situation."

He adds it's always a good idea to inspect the combine before heading out to the field.