Carnie's Comments

I don't think it was the greatest Grey Cup game of all time but it was one of them.

The Montreal Alouettes came from behind last night and upset the heavily favoured Winnipeg Blue Bombers by a score of 28-24. It was most entertaining.

The best Grey Cup game ever in my opinion was in 1989 when quarterback Kent Austin and the Saskatchewan Roughriders beat Hamilton 43-30. 

I clearly remember the anxious moments at my dad's house at the end of that game. 

We ordered the pizza during the 3rd quarter, hoping it would show up on time for a post-game feast. It did. Just as the Riders were driving the ball into field position for a last-minute field goal attempt, DING DONG, the doorbell rang. Terrible timing. 

Keep in mind, these were the days before we had a built-in pause button or a PVR setting on the TV remote. 

I quickly went to the front door and told the delivery guy to come in and sit down. 

"I can't," he said. "I'm swamped with deliveries! I've gotta get going!"

"Just sit down," I said.

He did and he got to share the fantastic finish with us - Dave Ridgway kicking the game-winning field goal for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

I never did ask the guy what his name was but we high-fived and we hugged and he got a great tip.

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