For the first time since 2019, Luseland Canada Day Celebrations will be off and running in the West Central Community.

A quick look at their Facebook page shows that it is set to be a jam-packed couple of days:

Canada Day Celebrations postervia Luseland Canada Day Celebrations on Facebook

As you can see in the poster above, these events are set to take place all around the community.

Adult activities see a Friday night dance as well as five teams being confirmed for slo-pitch at the fairgrounds, and for more on what the kids in attendance will be able to keep busy with, we caught up with long time committee member Virginia Charteris.

"Oh gosh, there's so much for the kids. It's going to be so good," she said excitedly talking about the professional face painter coming along with a balloon man, different rides, and the duo of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Tangled in Tiara'sThemed characters 'Rapunzel and Flynn Rider' coming from the group 'Tangled in Tiaras')

Charteris said she was eager to make the cosplay a part of the community event after hearing about others positive experiences. She is happy that the city based group is willing to make the trip out to their small town, and provide some prince/princess fever to the crowd.

"I wasn't sure if they would come out this far. But they are, so I'm excited!"

Charteris went on to share the history of the annual local Canada Day event. She described herself as one of the many worker bees that the team out of Luseland has, but gave most of the credit to the leader of the group in Candice Kraft.

"Candice is invaluable. She spearheads so much in the community. This probably wouldn't happen without her so we are lucky to have her.

The different playground rides and venues good for slo-pitch typically help make for a good time as well, and good memories from her past is actually one of the main reasons Charteris' chose to get involved with the local planning committee over the past few celebrations.

"I love it," she began, "I'm a Luseland resident who grew up going to this event every year, and it was always a highlight for me."

The former Canada Day committee seemed to be losing the steam they once had back when Charteris remembers it as a kid, leading to a refreshed group that includes both Charteris and their president Candice Kraft as key contributors. Funds from the events go right back into the community, towards a variety of things as Charteris explained.

"In the past years we have donated to the pool, we have got new playground equipment for the Legion Park. It all goes straight back into the community, or just supports itself for next year."

If anything they just tend to try and break even after the annual July 1st event, but the small town feel should be alive and well again this weekend as the Canada Day Celebrations finally return to Luseland.