Biggar RCMP members came across some unfortunate finds in their latest report. Two vehicles were found burnt, after investigation revealed they were stolen from a local shop.

In this case, police learned of two vehicles stolen from the local OK Tire yard that were taken for a spin on the highway. The joy-ride didn't last long, as Biggar RCMP members came across the pair of burnt vehicles during subsequent investigation.

Veh 1.jpg One of the vehicles in question (Photo via Biggar RCMP)

Thieves were extra busy with a dense fog blanketing the region this past weekend. Police revealed another case where a vehicle was rummaged through and the ignition was damaged. Also, while traveling along Highway 14 a group of thieves briefly stopped in Perdue and attended the Highway 51 Garage Bar and Grill after hours. 

Suspicious activity leading to theft seems to be major problem around the detachment area recently. Detachment Commander Sgt. Dereck Crozier shared the following statement, as residents might want to be on the lookout for increased criminal activity.

"In the last couple of weeks, the area has seen some activity in the early morning hours from the travelling criminal base. If anyone happens to notice any unusual or odd activity around any commercial property after hours, please call in to report." shared Crozier, as the detachment can be reached at (306) 948-6600.

Biggar members helped mediate a family situation looking at another call. The defusal came after a 58-year-old mother and her 35-year-old daughter were fighting, as the two-sides brought things back to a rational conversation.

Highway calls were highlighted by a 37-year-old male caught speeding on Highway #4 north, 26 km/h above the posted speed limit. Further investigation led to police charging the male with operating the vehicle without a license, and also a charge for having open liquor in the vehicle. The other major charge relating to speeding came on Highway 55, after a 20-year-old male was caught travelling 28 km/h over the posted speed limit, and also given a 60-day license suspension for being under the influence of marijuana while operating a vehicle.

Other calls of note detailed a 69-year-old male operating his van, as police later found out the individual was a suspended driver in Saskatchewan. CN Rail reported a crossing malfunction near Biggar, and then a sad way to end to report, a cat was hit by a vehicle on 5 Avenue East in town. 

The report included 34 total occurrences dealt with by the Biggar Detachment, as traffic offences yielded 11 tickets, and nine warnings being issued.