It was another busy week for Biggar RCMP doing patrols in the northern portion of the region. One call that stuck out, had to do with a trespassing violation out in a rural farmyard.

Sgt. Dereck Crozier outlined the situation in the latest report, dated February 26.

"A few complaints from rural property owners that a Lovenuck Side by Side has a total disregard for the Provincial Trespassing Act and continues drive where it is unwanted." shared Crozier. "This Act is not meant to be about chasing people down and issuing tickets, but instilling a respectfulness in people to be courteous to rural property owners and not operate on land where you did not seek permission or are unwelcomed."

Also included in the report were a few inter-personal disputes. A 47-year-old male was complaining after receiving unwanted voicemail messages from a 36-year-old male. The other case saw a 29-year-old female arguing with a 30-year-old male, that was eventually rectified by a mother stepping in to take their junior home before police could arrive. 

Two warnings and one ticket was handed out after police attempted to pull over a female driver, who refused to stop while being followed by the flashing lights and sirens of the police cruiser.

Members also completed a few wellbeing checks, first in the area of Duperow thanks to neighbourly concerns. One call coming from the north saw a Glaslyn based father wanting to check on his 15-year-old son visiting friends in Biggar. The other checks came as grandparents requested one for their 20-year-old granddaughter who went for a bike ride, another saw members assisting EMS with a call involving a male on Main Street in Kinley, and finally, reports of a family civil dispute in the division of property and other ongoing issues.

Also included in the report, it was brought to police attention that a local botanist was displaying marijuana plants in the window of a commercial premises. Another call relating to drugs saw Biggar members attempting to track down a white car going to Kindersley, as the driver was suspected to be impaired.

These instances were included as part of the 21 total occurrences that were handled by members at the Biggar Detachment in their latest report.