A heavy foot out of Alberta headlined the latest report for Biggar RCMP.

One of the more significant items on the list provided by SGT. Dereck Crozier, an Alberta plated mid-size SUV was caught speeding along Highway 14. The driver was caught travelling more than 35 km/h over the posted speed limit of 100 km/h, and was handed a fine of $753 dollars for the infraction.

Other calls including vehicles saw one driver given a seven-day road suspension after being found behind the wheel on Main Street while impaired by drugs. A hit-and-run was also reported during the week, a small car being struck by a large dually truck. Downsizing, but staying on four wheels, an ATV was reported stolen near Baljennie, a 2016 Razor turbo quad.

Police also dealt with a personal dispute, after a report of harassment was filed in Perdue. It all stemmed from a dog-breeder deal that went sour, as the Perdue resident decided they would no longer like to be contacted by the other party out of Hudson Bay.

Those calls resulted in a total of 16 tickets being issued, and 25 warnings. The main focus for the detachment this past week was just being visible in the area, using the long weekend to promote road safety, and in turn reduce road collisions.

The report didn't end there for SGT. Crozier. The detachment commander in Biggar ended the report by sharing his gratitude following quite the experience from a nearby Metis celebration.

"This past weekend, I was invited out to take part in a Metis celebration that introduced me to eating pork neck bones as I sat next to renowned fiddler J.J Lavallee." detailed Crozier. "A shout out for a job well done by the organizers, volunteers and chef."

With the latest report coming on April 1, Crozier was happy to report that the long weekend likely prevented any early April Fools Day shenanigans around Biggar, and that they were able to escape April 1 with only a few harmless pranks of note.