It might be time to reinvest in that old hockey card collection as a million-dollar bounty has been put on a Connar Bedard rookie card.

Last week stores started selling the 2023-24 upper deck series two collection. This pack could contain the Connar Bedard “Young Guns” Rookie card, which collectors say is his official rookie card. 

Each pack of sealed cards comes with a chance to find different rarities of Bedard cards. There is one special one though, the outburst gold Connar Bedard card, which has a fold shimmering background. Only one copy of that version exists. 

Like a modern charley and the chocolate factory, an American collectibles company has posted a million-dollar bounty on social media. Dave and Adams card word posted on social media as well as their website looking to buy this one-of-a-kind card for an easy million dollars if found. 

This isn’t the first time an individual or a company has put out a bounty for a very rare and special card. Lord of the rings teamed up with magic the gathering to create a series of cards based on the books and movies.

The one ring became the target of a hunt. It was announced there was only one of its kind floating around in a pack somewhere in the world. A Spanish gaming store offered 2.18 million and a paid trip to Valencia in Spain.