Garbage on road

Dumped garbage is a common eyesore on roads, ditches and in fields throughout Saskatchewan. Household trash, electronics components and building supplies are commonly discarded. Some items, such as old or broken appliances can contain hazardous chemicals that can contaminate soil and waterways and pose a risk to livestock, wildlife and humans. Plastic bags are drink can rings can be dangerous to wildlife and fish, because they do not break down. Items such as bags containing grass clippings, leaves or branches can pose a risk for fires.


Recycling is an alternative to many items improperly discarded such as old tires, used batteries, electronics as well as oil and paint and plastic shopping bags. Conservation officers can investigate any case in which waste is dumped illegally. Offenders can face a fine that begin at $500, or can even face a court appearance, depending on the nature of the matter.

Those who witness garbage being illegally dumped or to report a mess left behind can contact the provincial environmental department through its tip hotline at 1-800-667-7561 or online at