jagow gasper stephensonStephenson family from Outlook ended up with the lowest score of the day.
The following names are from left to right: Jared Jagow, Shay Stephenson, Bob Stephenson, Logan Stephenson, Ralph Dunhan, and Mark Gasper.

104 golfers descended on the Rosetown golf course Wednesday August 10th for the 3rd annual Gasper Memorial golf tournament. The Stephenson Family from Outlook had the lowest score of the day. It was a 4 person scramble event, with supper to follow, and of course it was all for a good cause.

"The day was great. It was supposed to be 35 originally. It ended up being around that 30 mark, and a little bit of wind. It ended up being a perfect day really," said tournament organiser Jared Jagow. Jared is also a brother of the late Carissa Gasper whose family lives on through the foundation and events like this. Troy, Carissa and their three children Kael, Shea, and Maks were all killed tragically in an accident July 2018.

"It's a great day to remember them. A lot of family and friends come out. A lot of people come out from the community, and it's just an awesome day." Their gofundme page raised $135,000 in a week. The eventual Gasper family foundation was formed and it holds a mandate of : bringing families & communities together through inclusive & interactive play.

The Gasper Splash Park was opened on Sovereign Crescent, Rosetown in 2019.

Gasper Splash Park Opening 2019 - YouTube

The next project has been announced, but only a headline is known. Jared wasn't sure how much more he could elaborate after, "there's another one in the works and it's in the community of Elrose." Jared also farms and was grateful to get so many out when harvest has started. "It was a little cooler that day, so all the combines stopped, and then it rained the next day, and that was a blessing! 160 were there for the meal. Lynne was busy cooking for us, her and her staff. We usually get around 100 golfing, so this was great."

gasper memorial golfThe following names are from left to right
Mark Gasper   Brandon Heatherington   Carissa Hogen   Kashina Mahon   Kylie Newton   Heath Pertce
gasper Jagow memorial golfThe following names are from left to right
Carey Jagow   Carl Repp   Lisa Jagow   Morgan Nunweiler   Pam Copeland   Curtis Shaw   Shannon Douglas   Trevor Douglas   Christy_Shaw   Bob Copeland