With warm summer days the next couple months, you may get a knock on your door from a salesperson with a deal on a product or service.

A lot of the time, it's "supposedly" a deal you cannot refuse.

There are legitimate offers from some door-to-door sellers. But the trick is to determine who's looking to give you a good deal, and on the other hand, who's wanting to scam you.

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan offers tips to the public on how to approach these scenarios without falling into a scam trap.

First off, the FCAA suggests to try and pick up on red flags while speaking with the seller:

  1. The price sounds too good to be true.
  2. High pressure sales—if the sales representative pressures you to “act now or lose out on a limited time offer”.
  3. The salesperson requires you to pay a substantial down payment before providing any services.

If any of the three points come up in the conversation, you may need to second guess the pitch. There is a possibility it's a scam.

So how do you protect yourself in these awkward situations?

Denny Huyghebaert is the Deputy Director for the FCAA of Saskatchewan. He says that if a person begins to feel uncomfortable with the situation or they feel threatened to buy in, they should contact their local police and ask the door-to-door seller to leave.

If someone is wanting to find out whether they're dealing with a legitimate seller or company, Huyghebaert says there are a couple steps to follow.

He also encourages the public to ask if a seller is properly licensed in Saskatchewan and has proper identification.

To find out if a salesperson is licensed, visit the FCAA411 page here. The Better Business Bureau directory can be found here.


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