The community of Outlook is looking for volunteers this year to form a Communities in Bloom Committee within the town. 

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, beautification and to improving quality of life through community participation and a national challenge. Each year the organization sends judges out to participating communities and rates them on their green spaces based on variety, affordability, innovative design, use of space, turf, flow and other similar criteria.

Outlook has not had a committee since 2015 and Recreation Director for the town, Jordie Jones, said they'll test the waters in the novice category this year. 

"This year there's a category called novice where you can actually pick three out of the six categories," Jones said. "It's not super competitive but they tell you what to work on for the next year. So it's kind of for people that haven't been in it for a while."

He said the town will pick one category of criteria they excel at to present to the judges while choosing two categories that the town has struggled with in the past. This way, they should know more about what the judges are looking for by the time they enter the real competition next year. 

Beautification efforts for Communities in Bloom committees have already begun in many communities. Jordie said they just need to find some volunteers to start things off in Outlook. 

"The next step is contacting people around the town that we think would want to be involved," Jones said. "then picking what we need to get done before the middle of July."

He said since they're in the novice competition this year, they could probably get away with fewer members. 

"To start with for this year, probably only around 5 to 10 (members)," Jones said. "This year is kind of a 'see where we're at year', then we can go further."

Those looking to get involved in the committee can contact Jordie Jones and the Outlook Recreation Office. 

"Once you start having a direction to go towards it's a good event to get into because you get that national recognition," Jones said. "Really, at the top end of it, once you've kind of been in it for a few years, it can really benefit your town in capital gain too. You have to be at the top of the categories but once you get there it can boost a lot of stuff in the economy like tourism and even sometimes property values too."

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