Using energy and power has become a vital part of daily life. By reducing your energy intake, you can also save a few dollars on your monthly bill. Ryan Jansen with the Saskatchewan Research Council, lists 7 ways the average household can reduce their energy in 2017.

Jansen converts energy saved into terms of number of steps, (1 kWh = 18,524 steps at 3 km/h).

The first energy saving tip is to switch to cold water when washing clothes. A lot of households have already made the switch but Jansen breaks it down to see how many kWh are saved. Assuming clothes are washed in hot water and rinsed in warm water, a washing machine can consume about 4.5 kWh per load. When cold water used, the machine will only use around 0.3 kWh per load. If a household does one load of laundry every day, the switch could save around $230/year, or 28.5M steps.

And when clothes are switched over to the dryer, add a dry towel in with the mix. This could save around $34/year or almost 4.2M steps per year. Or cut out the dryer entirely, hang drying your clothes will save 3 kWh per load. At one load per day, that adds up to about $180/year or 22.3M steps per year.

The second tip is to simply turn off the lights and try to use natural lighting when possible as well as make the switch over to LED lights instead of incandescent. This could save up to $600/year, or 74M steps.

Lowering your thermostat by 2°C during the night allows for a better sleep and saves energy. By turning down the temperature, a household could save $230/year or 28M steps.

Plugging in your vehicle is common practice during the winter months. By using a block heater timer to warm your car's engine for 2 hours before driving rather than leaving it plugged in through the night, could save $90 or 11M steps per year.

Instead of using the heat dry setting on your dishwasher, open the door after a full load is done to let steam out and allow dishes to air dry. This practice could save $37 or 4.6M steps.

Lastly, seal up any drafty areas around windows and doors using plastic, tape, caulking or weather stripping. This could save up to 2,000 kWh or 37M steps per year.

Jansen notes that these are small adjustments but can save a ton of energy and money within the average household.


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