The sport of basketball in Kindersley has always taken a backseat due to the sport of hockey, and it's been the same for almost every area in Saskatchewan forever.

However, there has been interest developing over the years for the game of basketball, and the surrounding area of Kindersley is taking steps in the right direction. There is a brand new organization called the Kindersley Youth Basketball (KYB) who will be creating a Youth Basketball Summer League for anyone in the area to play in.

One of the first steps into getting this organization started is making sure there is a proper basketball court to play on. There will be a brand new outdoor basketball court with premium nets, new pavement, boards on the side and a fence to create a basketball atmosphere.

The main purpose of creating this organization is to give local youth athletes a chance to learn about basketball, and to develop skills that will help them compete just like in any other competitive sport. Basketball is a sport that is growing in Canada faster than ever before, and will continue to grow as the years go by.

To develop the youth kids that possess an interest will give them a chance to fall in love with the game, and supply them with the tools and pieces to excel at competitive levels in high school, and possibly college.