May 20th from the Town of Kindersley: "We are getting so excited to start the “Yard of the Week” program again, however, this year instead of going by week, we will be bringing our little Gnome friend around every few days to a new yard that we appreciate! You cannot keep the Gnome – he has places to go, but if you see him on your yard, you know you’re doing a great job keeping your yard neat and tidy! "

maxwell garden gnome

July 6th, 2022 from the Town of Kindersley Maxwell the gnome has made his first stop, thanks for taking great care of your yard! A reminder that Maxwell is not yours to keep, but will stay and congratulate you for a few days. He has many other stops to make to enjoy the beautiful yards in town"

yard gnome story

After making 3 more stops Maxwell was reported as vandalized. This is the latest from our travelling dwarf.

July 26th, 2022 From the Town of Kindersley "It sounds like Maxwell the yard gnome has had a bit of an accident getting to his next destination and might be fragile. Be sure to handle him with care while he is visiting you! Congrats on your beautiful yard!"