The North Saskatchewan River Baseball League's championship series got underway last night in Wilkie, as the Brewers fell in a close one 4-3 to the Standard Hill Lakers.

Both teams were coming off a provincials appearance in Kindersley over this past weekend, which you can read more about below as the Standard Hill Lakers would exit the big winners to enter the NSRBL Finals hot.

The game was an exciting one for fans who came on down to the local diamond expecting just that, as Rob Cey with the team commented on the loss in what was a very well played game on both sides.

"It was a well played 4-3 loss, kind of a pitchers duel and we came out on the wrong end of it, but it was a good ball game."

As mentioned the Standard Hill Lakers entered the game provincial champs, but the Brewers did finish first in NSRBL league play to give themselves home field advantage in the finals. Losing last night erases some of that benefit, but now the team just needs to play a similar winning style of baseball and they should have a good chance to send the series back to Wilkie come Wednesday night.

"It was a really good defensive game. Not many walks, if any at all last night," said Cey, "I think we gave the fans a good one but we just didn't end up on the right side of things." 

Following up with Cey on some comments made from league commissioner about how Wilkie and Standard Hill have some familiarity with each other thanks to some senior hockey camaraderie, the Wilkie Brewers star hitter had this to say about the dynamic in these finals.

"We got some guys who played hockey together in the past, guys who know each other really well. It's just a good healthy rivalry where the respect goes both ways," said Cey this morning, "We might not say it but we don't really like to lose to each other either, those guys we play hockey with all year long."

The teams will have a weekend break before the series gets going again on Tuesday, August 16th. If necessary Game 3 will be played Wednesday, August 17th, and it should be noted that NSRBL Commissioner Kelvin Colliar will be on hand to present the trophy on one of those nights, following his induction to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. You can some comments from him in the related story below.