Lionel Story had a team of horses at the museum on Friday.

Lionel Story

Buster, Burt, Bodie & Bubbles are the big Clydesdales. They pulled an antique seed drill from the museum boundary due West 100 yards to the Energy Dodge property line. 

Ross McIntyre & Kristin Arthurs wait on the East end of the dry field with with a wagon full of clean seed oats. We are going to pour pails of oats into the antique seeder and send them off again. Each seed chute needs to be lifted and lowered again as they prepare for another trip West and back. The drill is planting the crop deep enough to cause heavy drag, and to hinder the horses turning ability.

Greeting me at the gates is Sherry Casswell and Jody Story. They are helping in every way possible to pull the day off, which also included: horse drawn wagon rides, pony rides, harrow pull, Food to Farm learning and BBQ that was right on time.

Antique vehicles roamed the premises. Horses winnied and nayed, and huffed under the weight of a heavy load. The smell of manure wafted in the breeze. The pace slowed to a crawl. People came up to say hi and shake my hand. It was a true feeling of stepping back 100 years to a simpler time, and one person's name kept coming up again and again. Every conversation that I had with someone came back to one guy: Lionel Story.

Sherry Casswell claims "this wouldn't be possible without Lionel pushing for it. He organizes the volunteers. He calls the others and asks if they can help. He makes this happen and because of him it's a well run event."

I met Sherry's husband Gord Casswell also, "Make sure you get a picture of Duffy Ham's team" he advises. "Did you see the ponies yet?" he asked. " Watch your step!" he says and points to the pile of manure. We both laugh as he has one more parting instruction, "Make sure you talk to Lionel." To say that this was a friendly bunch might be as big of an understatement as saying it was a pretty nice day.

Mrs. Longmire's grade 3 class asked Kaybree Reiger a plethora of smart questions. Ministry of Ag rep Cassandra Schroeder helped with some of the tough ones including "do chickens have really have fingers?" and "do cows like to play?" 

The Antique seeding Demo is an event all on it's own. However it falls under the umbrella of the Kindersley Indoor Rodeo.