With the warm weather, ticks are going to soon be showing up more and more. Luckily ... is here to help give us tips and tricks to protect ourselves as well as our four-legged friends, cats, dogs and livestock alike. Veterinarian Kaitlyn Mcintyre spoke with west central online with some tips and recommendations to keep in mind. 

She warns that temperatures throughout the year have been warmer than usual, making tick more dormant. 

This in turn makes diseases like Lyme more common in all areas around Saskatchewan. 

Mcintyre explained she knows someone personally that has been infected by Lyme and wants to make it clear it is here in the province. 

Another big risk with tick season is accidentally overdosing or under dosing pets. An overdose can end up hurting the pet unintentionally while an underdose doesn't provide the coverage needed. 

As the grass starts to turn green and leaves start to sprout, the clinic is already preparing for a high volume of patients needing tick medicine or to even have the pesky creatures removed.