The average weekly wage in Saskatchewan continues to rise, but it is still falling short of the rate of inflation.  

The latest numbers, released this past week by Statistics Canada, show the average weekly wage in April was $1,150.92. This was up by $19.60 from March, and up by $44.45 from April of 2021.  

The highest wages that were seen in the province were in the mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction sector, where the average weekly wage was $2,315.75. The lowest wage in the province was in the accommodation and food services sector, where the average weekly wage was $442.96. 

The numbers from Statistics Canada also showed that 48 percent, or more than nearly 231,000 people, work in a sector that pays below the average weekly wages.  

The average weekly earnings survey also includes the number of job vacancies in the province. In April, there were 23,990 job vacancies throughout the province, across all industries. The labour force survey for the province for the same time period showed there were 33,300 people who were unemployed.