The Saskatchewan government announced that Premier Scott Moe and Health Minister Paul Merriman would deliver a COVID-19 update beginning at 11 a.m. on Monday.

No new restrictions appear to be on the radar, according to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.

Moe delivered a COVID-19 update along with Health Minister Paul Merriman Monday morning.

Moe said there are just over 1,800 patients in beds in Saskatchewan. 

Sunday's COVID-19 update from the Saskatchewan Health Authority said there were 252 COVID-19-related hospitalizations. It's close to an even split between the number of patients in hospital for COVID-19, or that incidentally have COVID-19. Twenty-six patients are in ICU.

Moe said the last pre-pandemic quarter - this time in 2020 - had 2,200 patients in hospital beds.

Last week the province announced that they were looking at redeploying government workers to assist the healthcare sector in roles such as administration and food preparation.

"It is a scenario plan," said Moe, adding that it has not yet been activated.

Merriman said they're preparing for hospitalizations to increase, though they haven't spiked as modelling suggested they would.

He cited 356 hospitalizations as the peak during the Delta-dominant wave.

Merriman said the province is looking at expediting the process of hiring nurses that are from abroad, provided the process isn't compromised by speeding things up.

They've also reached out to "all levels of government to see what we're able to draw in."

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