Everyone around west central Saskatchewan by this time is familiar with Learning About Ag With Mady and the work the young farmer has done to educate her people about the process of agriculture in Saskatchewan, and she's drawn enough eyes that she was brought out to Western Canadian Agribition to help interview a number of people at the event. While conducting some of those interviews, Mady Adamson learned a few things herself that she didn't have experience with.

"I learned tons of things, but I really enjoyed learning about livestock because I haven't grown up with livestock. I met tons of people and I learned about getting cattle ready with a guy named Tyler Smyth, I learned about alpacas with Carol Poole, judging cattle with Blair McCrae, I learned about, heavy horse pulls with Norm Vertefeuille, stock dogs with Art, what it takes to be a rodeo clown with Danny the Rodeo Clown, and then interviewed Amber Marshall about her show Heartland."

The video with Art will be coming out this week, and the interview with Amber Marshall was live and not recorded. The rest of the videos can be watched below.

As for what's coming up next for Mady, there's already more fun and agriculture education on the schedule before her family gets tied up with seeding.

"In January, I'll be going to the crop production show and then for the AG days in Brandon, MN."