The town of Unity helped recognize the volunteers for the entire town of Unity on Monday May 1st.

The event took place at the Unity St. Peter's Church Hall, and helped acknowledge each and every single volunteer that has ever given their own time back to help make major and minor events in Unity possible. After a couple weeks of planning, the event was put on by local community members that are normally the ones who are participating in the events that the volunteers help run. 

Every volunteer that was given thanks and appreciation felt extremely thankful that they were being properly awarded. Many volunteers feel that it is their own job to make local events possible in the town of Unity, and they know their role is a significant one. 

Major events in the town like the Unity Music Festival, and other music performances wouldn't be even possible if it weren't for the terrific volunteers. Volunteers have the ability to go above and beyond for every event, and look forward to continuing to keep the trend going for as long as possible.