Unity and District Heritage Museum hosted their annual family fun day on family day which was a resounding success. With well over 100 attendees, the hot food and drink provided by the Unity Baptist Church was flowing, warming up any and all takers.  

The fun wasn’t limited to just hot dogs and hot chocolate though, the museum’s president took people for sleigh rides with his trusty steeds Luke and Duke. The museum also opened their caboose and wood shack to explore.   

The resource center was open too with cookies and donuts while promoting upcoming events including their parent resource initiative. Don’t feel left out though, go to their Facebook page for upcoming events as well as updates.  

When people got cold the unity volunteer fire department managed the bonfire, warming souls and keeping things safe so the fun couldn’t be ruined.  

This family fun day has been going on for the last few years with no plans to stop. Next year experience it yourself, its open to anyone and everyone to have fun and enjoy time with family. Keep up to date with the museum’s comings and goings on their Facebook page.