The Tralapa Music and Sports Festival returned to the West Central region this past weekend.

West Central Online spoke with Park Ranger Ryan Neumeier about the group's first full event in a few years, and also profiled one of the headline acts in 'Seven Mile Sun', a local band out of Harris. 

Prior to the event, we caught up with member of the band Kimberley Stevens who said they were hoping Tralapa would be their best show ever. Hopefully it lived up to her and the band's expectations, as they were just one of the many acts to hit the stage for Tralapa's return.

In our talk with Kimberley, she mentioned she would be sticking around to enjoy everything Tramping Lake Park had to offer, one of her favourite parts after performing a big show. The same goes for her brother Kevin who was equally as excited for the show, but wasn't as committed to the party scene afterwards because he had some fields back home to tend to thanks to the family farm coming first.

"Didn't leave too fast. I took my time because I like to stick around and enjoy the gratitude and stuff after the show. I already knew I was coming home the next day, so I did stick around and talk to people about the show, it's one of my favourite things about it."

Like many in the area the probably aren't used to such an early harvest, but the group wasn't going to miss Tralapa for anything.

"We're familiar with the stage and the organizers up there, so we've gotten quite comfortable with that place. It really lets a person open up and perform, kind of without much concern of judgment or anything else."

Stevens praised the stage crew for their great sound all weekend long, and the crowd for doing their part to make the show rock. He can see all the work that has been put in.

"I have to compliment the organizers, because it's incredible the amount of work they put into the place from being a pasture a few years ago, to being a fully functioning festival ground now. It's pretty remarkable, the whole thing runs smoothly and everything is taken care of, and it's the rangers who do it all."

Stevens couldn't say enough good things about the team of super troopers, and we caught up with one of them in Ryan Neumeier, or Ranger Newman, and he talked about all that went into organizing this years event, and how it all feels when the ball gets rolling. 

"First big event since 2019. Crowd wise, it seems things changed after COVID. They definitely weren't our 2018-2019 numbers, I think we basically have to get back to rebuilding our brand since COVID. But everything went smooth, and we didn't lose money so that's a plus!"

Even though the word might not have spread as far as years past, the yearly Tralapa-goers were treated to the same show of sports and music they know and love. One addition that did take place however, was the implementation of a second stage for a different type of music.

"I'm involved in another company called FancyPants, we focus primarily on EDM events as DJ's. We were able to bring that stage this year to the bottom ball diamond, and it brought a lot more people out from Saskatoon than in previous years. It was definitely a different mix of people than we have but it was super fun and it all gelled well."

Ranger Newman's favourite part is when the party gets going, and the team can sit back and enjoy themselves what they started.

"All the stress that went into setting it up, and then once it's finally rolling and people are on the stage and having a good time, that would the best part for me I think."

The clock has officially reset for Tralapa, as they hope to be back and better than ever in 2023.