Residents of Biggar should be eager to get out on the town tonight, as they hold their special Festival of Lights. The action in Biggar gets underway this evening with hay rides and more, followed by the Sandra Schmirler Walking Path lighting up, all while Biggar retailers stay open for some late night shopping.

Town of Biggar Recreation Director Erin Poitras shared some more on the special night set for tonight.

“5-7 is kind of primarily downtown, and then we are hoping to move people down to the walking path around 7:30.”

Poitras went into detail sharing that the 5:00 pm start will begin with the hay rides and a concession downtown. Fire pits are available to keep the warmth downtown as well as at the walking path, and the late night shopping has most participating businesses open until 7:00 pm.

The special light display will be turn on right at 7:30, with hot chocolate and smores among other items again available. The perfect amenities for walking around the beautifully lit path.

“So around the Sandra Schmirler Walking Path we do have light posts available for people to plug into, and they have set up different Christmas displays around the path,” explained Poitras about the different businesses and organization that help light up the night.

Hosting the Festival of Lights is a great step for the town to feel as normal as possible headed into the holiday season, and especially with the event itself not being at its full potential the last time out.

“We like to do this every year, last year of course was a little different, but we are trying to get back to making things as normal as they could be.”

Poitras is so happy to see how the lights initiative has taken off.

“It was a few years ago we started with the Christmas displays down at the walking path, and they just seemed to be growing every year, that portion of the event just gets more popular every year.”

The heart of the event is the downtown atmosphere and the special late night shopping that has been happening for years. Expect some pictures and a follow up from the event, that should provide a good start to the holiday season in the Town of Biggar.