School athletics have no doubt been through a struggle over the recent period; some sports more than others.

With this being the case it was more important than ever for a schools athletic program to stay positive, and even creative when it comes to keeping active during the pandemic. When you live and breathe sports it’s something that comes a bit easier, and Mrs. Angy Johnson of the Kindersley Composite School was recently recognized for her efforts in the field.

“We can't thank Angy enough for her years of devoted service to school sport, and for being a strong coach, mentor and advocate for athletics in our school, division and province. Congratulations on receiving this years SHSAA West Central Female Coach of the Year.”

That was an excerpt from a written congratulations via the Kindersley High School on Facebook, and they also had some words to help describe Angy’s dedication to Kobra athletics.

“Angy Johnson lives and breathes sports. Whether it be pursuing her own athletic passions, supporting her boys in their many sporting endeavors, coaching, reffing or teaching Phys. Ed, it's not hard to tell where Angy's passions lie. Angy was coaching long before she came to our school 15 years ago and quickly became an integral part of our athletic programs at KCS.”

Her main points of emphasis over the years have been junior/senior boys basketball and volleyball, while also putting in the work to create a nice run of track athletes from KCS. Many students that made their way through KCS fondly remember Angy as their gym teacher, but she also spends time in the classroom as well in a move that has helped cement her legacy at the school for all students.

Descriptions continued on to state that her raw passion, unwavering support, support for her sons, and strong belief in encouragement is what plays a key role in always keeping the kids best interest at heart. All Kobra teams would not be where they are today without Angy, and the years that she has devoted to high school sport and championing and advocating for student athletes has created a strong sense of pride and excitement in school athletic programs.

She has coached tons of different players during her time at KCS, including each one of her sons, and likely wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. One of her true passions is basketball, and this years KCS seniors definitely had HOOPLA potential. Instead parts of two seasons were basically canceled, but Angy was still hard at work setting up tryouts in attempt to make up for her players lost exposure opportunities.

KCS athlete Declan Smit is another graduating student that is moving on in football, that has Angy to thank for the extra confidence.

“This goes for football and basketball, but I want to give a special thanks to Angy for everything she has put into us,” thanked Smit, “I definitely wouldn’t be going to Kamloops without her. She actually convinced me to go.”

Kobra Football Athlete Signs with Kamloops

For those who don’t know, but may have noticed some details about Angy’s athletic family, her three sons Kayden, Kolby, and Carter are large reasons for her continued passion. They have each managed to move on in their respective sports of football, hockey, and baseball, and are actually set to spend the upcoming season together in BC with all three playing out of the Vancouver area.

In catching up with Kayden before he begins training camp with the BC Lions, he shared a little bit about what makes Angy “coach mom”.

“She’s just a huge inspiration in my life, and always brings me motivation,” beamed her oldest son, “She’s one of the reasons I continued to play football actually.”

Kayden referenced his mom’s passion for football and sports in general, and that it translated into athletic development at a young age that allowed the young man into many different opportunities. Unfortunately for the family’s baseball player, Kayden believes his mothers favourite sport to watch her sons play is a tie between football and hockey. Regardless, this lifestyle has led to many opportunities for Angy to put being a coach in front of being a mom; a role she likely doesn’t mind.

Congratulations to Angy Johnson for being named this year's SHSAA West Central Female Coach of the Year!