Another big winner this morning!

Sheila MacPherson of Rosetown will be going to the Majestic Theater in Biggar with a pair of tickets to see the Travelling Mabels.

Sweetheart game winners were Vince and Shannon Morgan from Biggar. They matched all of the answers and will be enjoying a night out with free passes to The Laugh Shop and overnight at the Ramada Hotel.

Thanks also to couples who played along

  • Carl and Loreen Ortelippe from Eston
  • Murray and Cheryl Clark from Rosetown


Ford World Women's Curling Championship winners 

  1. Lynn Murray from Eston
  2. James McCann from Kyle
  3. Bob Clothier from Rosetown
  4. Ryan Demeira from Kindersley
  5. Donna Nuemeier from Coleville

Motorsports Spectacular - Chris Kotelko from Kindersley