Happy Halloween!

It’s less than a week away from the spooky holiday, and with it being on a Sunday this year there is a good chance many trick-or-treaters will be out with a big crew! Better yet the weather is hopefully going to comply and allow any kids dressing up as Spider-Man, to avoid having to dress up as Spider-Man with a jacket. The worst.

No matter what haul of candy comes home Sunday night, parents should be happy to know the accompanying sugar crash should take their kids into a deep sleep (and when their eyes are closed, that’s when you take your favourites).

Now to the main point of the blog, the addicting Halloween candy itself. This is the time of year for each of the big candy brands to throw their best creations into one box, and test its buyer to see if they can make the box or two last until November’s eve, and avoid the embarrassing trip of having to go back out for more.

My question is, what box has the best combination of Halloween treats? I’m not asking for the best overall sweet. 

Des(s)ert island. Stranded in your costume. One box of candy to feed you. What are you taking out of the following?

Outside of those three boxes there is nothing wrong with choosing ‘other’ for a bag of chips, or a classic candy like pop rocks. But I’m just now realizing I made a mistake, and might have left out the grand-daddy of them all in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Any of their Halloween products for that matter. If it weren’t for the chunk of allergic trick-or-treaters every year, that peanut butter/chocolate goodness would have to run away with the title every year right?

Regardless, hopefully everybody gets some of their favourite Halloween snacks in this weekend, and enjoy the great costumes showing up to their front door this spooky Sunday.