One of the main stories around West Central this week has been the weather.

First, we got the snow, and then we got the cold. With the frigid temperatures here after the hefty snowfall seen earlier on this week, many people were hit with the unexpected so early in the season.

That description certainly goes for one farm east of Kindersley, as they phoned West Central Online, Classic Hits, and Country 104 yesterday to share that they were missing a horse:

We put the call for help out around noon, and West Central residents certainly felt up to the task as over 60 people shared Country 104's post about the lost horse in no time, as this story certainly grabbed the attention of many West Central residents yesterday afternoon. 

Anyone who checked the post before bed to see if the horse had been found, ended up with some great news:

We reached out afterwards to see just how they got their shortly famous horse back home, and if it was a West Central listener that helped out.

Unfortunately, it was none of the sort. The owner answered the phone so happy and grateful to have their pet back home. When told the amount of support there was to find the escapee animal you could tell the person on the other end of the line was almost taken aback, and is happy to share that their self-described tame, but pesky horse just decided to take a little trip about a mile away.

The support from animal lovers alike was great to see; and made for a great story to follow on a chilly November day.

horseMaybe the horse was just mad he hasn't been entered in our Cutest Pet Contest (hint)