The Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Program returns to Kindersley this weekend, helping those in need during the holiday season. Lieutenant Derek Kerr explains the importance of the Program. 

“It's extremely important, especially at this time of year, as we have found ourselves in the COVID pandemic over the last three years now, we've seen a skyrocketing increase in those who are coming to the Salvation Army for assistance. I don't think we've seen a need this great since post Second World War.” 

Kerr then gave a background of the well-known Program.  

“It's our major fundraising event of the year. Everybody knows those famous red kettles. We're out collecting donations and those donations build to help those in need in the various local communities, the funds stay local. We've been doing this for many years and those funds will carry us through to the very next Christmas. The funds are used for things such as food hampers, clothing. We've assisted people with rent, hydro assistance as well, so it's a wide range of things that these funds go towards.” 

The need for the program as mentioned early is as high as ever. 

“I know in 2020 there was a 19% increase in the number of people visiting our organization because of delayed wages or their homeless, etc.,” Kerr explained. “And with the increase in inflation and the price of groceries, the needs just continue to grow and grow.” 

The Christmas Kettle Program will begin this Saturday at the Kindersley Walmart, and will run until Christmas Eve.