In conjunction with Female Minor Hockey Day, there will be a special flag raising ceremony held at the Kerrobert Memorial Arena Saturday afternoon. Longtime hockey player and Indigenous advocate Tyson Wuttunee, who we have talked to in the past, will be heading up the ceremony.   

He talks about how he and the Town of Kerrobert got the ball rolling for the special ceremony.  

“The Town of Kerrobert and myself figured it would do a flag recognition kind of thing on the Treaty Six and the Metis Flag on being raised at the rink there, so I kind of jumped on the opportunity to bring that to the Town of Kerrobert.” 

Wuttunee then discussed the main meaning behind the flag raising.  

(It’s about) Spreading the message of public relations, ongoing commitments to truth and reconciliation, a great importance as we come together as a community. It draws attention, it’s a visible reminder of our past, present and future. It's all about us and the humans on Earth, we share this land and us and the Indigenous people we call this land mother Earth. We're learning to respect each other and what it has to offer.” 

Wuttunee then explains who will be there with him at the ceremony.  

“I have a Chief from Kahkewistahaw First Nation, a War Veteran who fought in Afghanistan. He's coming to do the proper ceremony, the proper ways of raising a flag. And I have an elder and a singer there to do a flag song.” 

Wuttunee then explained one of the main reasons why he is doing this special flag raising ceremony.  

“I want to push forward on putting these things in arenas, just for the acknowledgement and the truth reconciliation of moving forward and building relationships with the past, present and future.” 

The flag special flag raising ceremony begins at 2:30 pm at the Kerrobert Memorial Arena.  

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