According to a release sent out at the end of November by Edelman Canada, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions announced they were donating $65,000 on behalf of growers to local organizations across Western Canada, a list that included one group from Rosetown. The money comes as part of the second-annual BASF Community Challenge, where BASF attempts to give back to farming communities where its customers live and work.

The person selected from the west central region was Rosetown area grower Brett Sinclair, as BASF made a $5,000 donation in his name to his chosen organization, the Sovereign Lions.

One of several recipients, Sinclair explained how the process got started.

“BASF sent out an email to everyone describing that they were looking to hear from producers who had grown BASF, and had success stories with them,” explained Sinclair who has used the product lots over the years. 

Sinclair went on to explain the donation aspect, as he is the president of the Sovereign club after many years of being around the organization. Next up was deciding where the money should go, and the many local causes that the Sovereign Lions support made it a no-brainer of a decision for Sinclair. He also shared a special helping hand the club provided to a farmyard just this year.

“The Sovereign Lions have been mostly big in giving money to STARS, and also anyone else in the community that needs help. There was recently a farmer in the area who got sick and was unable to finish combining this year, so the Sovereign Lions went out together and combined the rest of his crop to get it off. We have also donated to scholarships at the high school. Basically anything we see as a group that is beneficial to the community, we donate money to and help those projects.”

The BASF Community Challenge was established to thank local growers, and give them an opportunity to spread the love to their surrounding area. Aside from helping STARS and their neighbours, past money has also gone to different groups in the area such as the Gasper Family Foundation. They haven’t allocated the funds yet, but have a good idea of where they could go.

“We just received the money so we haven’t necessarily decided, but like I said we do annual donations to STARS so a good chunk of it will go to that,” said Sinclair, “Maybe one of those things, but if someone in particular comes up in the community that needs help, maybe that’s where the money would go.”

It’s good news when companies like BASF open up these opportunities, and even better when something local can reap the benefits. Sinclair and the Sovereign Lions will hope their eventual donation to whatever cause they decide on will help provide some free advertising for the club, that is looking to step-up their social media footprint.

“We did start up a Twitter account, @sovereign_lions, and we are working on a Facebook page so yes we are trying to increase our social media presence. If anybody is ever looking to help out or donate to the Sovereign Lions they can contact me through the page.”

The Ag Twitter community is one of the reasons Sinclair decided to jump on board and spread the word. Many prairie producers communicate on the platform everyday, sharing strategies as well as excellent news like the recent donation coming from the Sovereign Lions.